Faith formation

       Home Mission is conducting in parishes. Follow up is given as Counselling, sends for retreats, special helps to drug addicts etc. Besides these conducts Classes, seminars etc. to parents, youth and children.

1.    Christeen retreats  and prayer meetings in schools.

2.    Seminars to Catechism teachers.

3.    Gathering and counselling to couples.

4.    Counselling in schools.

5.    Night vigil and intercessory prayers in the last Sunday of each month.

6.    Special training is given to faith formation team and there is one animator in each house.

7.    Four Sisters are in the field of direct evangelization.

8.    There are 'Vachana Padana Kalaries' in relation to the convents and they gather once in a month and learn and share Word of God.

9.    There is a library in each convent only for children.

10. Gives special preparation to children before Logos Quiz , Christmas and exams.

11. Gives classes, seminars and awareness classes to children and Youth.



12. Conducts classes and group discussions based on Bible.

13. CD shows and Quiz competitions on the feast of  Saints and gives prizes.

14. Takes them to visit orphanages and hospitals.

15. Collects offerings on Sundays and gives to the poor.


Devotion to Bl.Chavara And BL. Euphrasia

16. Distributed 7000 copies of the book 'Kudumbangalude Chavarayachan'.

17. Gave 'Chavarul' and laminated photos of Bl.Chavara to the houses of all sisters.

18. Distributed 1000 copies of Novena and Chavarul Flexes to all convents.

19. Prayer meetings and Agape to people on 3rd January, the feast day of Bl. Chavara in all convents. Conducts Quiz programmes and other competitions such as elocution, essay writing, painting and skit.



         Chavara-Fest is a district level programme of both C M I and C M C in connection with the feast of Bl. Chavara.  Conducted Quiz programmes and other competitions such as elocution, essay writing, painting and skit to the students of all aided, unaided and government schools and colleges of Idukki diocese as in school, sub zone and district level and gave cash prizes also.