Special Schools

The well functioning of Carmel Jyothi Special School and the establishment of AmalJyothi Special School are our new ventures. Carmel Jyothi Charitable Society undertakes various projects, social welfare activities, social service programmes, CBR programmes, social surveys and vocational training programmes for the upliftment of SC, ST, disabled and other weaker sections of the society. Successful completion of a sanitation project in a near by tribal settlement give us much satisfaction. Different vocational units like Holy Host preparation, lotion making, soap and soap powder production, rabbit rearing, cattle rearing, horticulture, anthuriam cultivation, tapioca and banana cultivation etc are functioning here.

Counselling Centres

We have two counselling centres also. Samanwaya counseling centre, Ayiramecre and Yesunivas Counselling centre, Vazhathope. The sisters who are in charge of these institutions dedicate themselves and these two are functioning well. The people of these high ranges especially broken families, those having problems, students of various institutions etc are grateful to the services rendered by them.

Juvenile Justice Board 

 Our Sr. Biji Jose and Sr. Jancina, the Idukki Juvenile Justice Board members, are rendering their service to the children who are coming to face the law. They try to give them proper directions, support and make assure the justice.